Slow Cooker Pork Free Charro Beans. A variation of the traditional Mexican recipe

“Frijoles a la charra” is a very common dish made in Mexico. These beans are served at birthday parties, quinceñeras, and backyard bbq’s. Traditionally this dish is made with pork products; sausage and pork skins or bacon and pork skins. In our household however, we don’t eat pork products so we make it with beef products. We also omit the jalapeño that is usually included since our little ones eat it as well.

*our super awesome and very loved nanny was the chef for this recipe ;)

Prep time: 25 minutes

Cook time: 6.5 hours on “High” in a 6 qt. crock pot


  • one 32 oz bag of pinto beans (although our nanny did not use the entire bag)
  • two cans of 14.5 oz diced tomatoes
  • one package of beef sausage
  • one package of beef bacon
  • a small bundle of cilantro
  • one large yellow onion

The beans we used.


A close up of the sausage and bacon we used.


All the ingredients together.



  1. Spread out the beans and separate any possible stones that may have been left behind in the bag.


So easy even two toddlers can do it ;)


2. Rinse the beans. 2-3 rinses is usually enough.


3. Add the beans to the crockpot.



4. Add 8 cups of purified water.


5. Rinse the cilantro.


6. Chop the cilantro.


7. Chop the onion.


8. Add the onions and cilantro to the crockpot.


9. Chop the bacon.


10. Cut up the sausage.


11. Add the bacon and sausage to the crockpot.


12. Add both cans of tomato to the crockpot.


13. Stir all the ingredients together.


14. Cook on high for 6 hours. Then add a spoonful of salt. Then let cook for another 30 minutes.

15. The finished result.


16. Make some quesadillas and dinner is served! Enjoy :)


Fava beans and naan bread

Fava Beans. A recipe from Saudi Arabia

My husband and his family lived in Saudi Arabia for 7 years. A friend of his taught him this recipe when he was a young boy and he’s been making it ever since. It definitely tastes like nothing I had ever had before but now it’s one of my favorite meals to eat. I love it.

We buy the feta cheese and cans of fava beans at a local Indian food grocery store named Universal Market.  I would highly recommend buying the fava beans and feta cheese at an authentic international food store and not just at the local grocery store.

My husband used the “Lebanese Recipe” in these pictures but he said it was because they were out of his first and second choice.  He would rather use the Palestinian or Egyptian recipe first if he had the chance. Those are made by the same company pictured. He said he has found the beans that are lighter in color to be the best tasting. He also highly stressed that what makes this recipe is the feta cheese. It is extremely important to find a good, high quality feta cheese.

  1. Palestinian Recipe
  2. Egyptian Recipe
  3. Lebanse Recipe

Ingredients needed:

  •  2 cans of fava beans (bought at Universal Market) $1.25 a can
  •  feta cheese (bought at Universal Market) $13.99 he used about 1/8 of the container
  •  one tomato (bought at our local grocery store) .40 cents a lb.
  •  green onions (bought at our local grocery store) .62 cents
  • naan bread (bought at Costco) $6.00


The beans


The feta cheese


All the ingredients used

Step 1.   IMG_7476

Drain the excess liquid and put the beans in the pan.

Step 2  .IMG_7478

Smoosh the beans. Add one can at a time.

Step 3  .IMG_7480

Make sure you are cooking on medium-low heat.

Step 4.   IMG_7484

No exact measurements :/ .. I think he actually added a little bit more than this.

Step 5.   IMG_7486

Mix it in.

Step 6.   IMG_7491

Cut up the green onions.

Step 7.   IMG_7493

Mix it in.

Step 8.   IMG_7497

Cut the tomato into small squares.

Step 9.   IMG_7500

Mix it in. It needs to cook a bit longer. It will look more “soupy” when it is done.

Step 10.   IMG_7503

This is what it looked like when it was done.. I would say about 7 minutes later.

Step 11.   IMG_7501

This is the naan bread from Costco.

The finished meal.